Required Qualifications:

  • In depth familiarity with layout of analog and mixed signal CMOS circuits
  • Exposure to SERDES subcircuit layout (ie. RX, TX, PLL, etc…)
  • Design for porting (ie. design so as to enable ease moving layout across multiple foundry nodes)
  • Knowledge of signal integrity issues (ie. clock/data routes, differential routing, shielding)
  • Aware of layout techniques for ESD, latchup
  • Familiarity with custom digital layout (ie. high speed logic paths)
  • Knowledge of design for reliability (ie. EM, IR, etc…)
  • Knowledge of layout effects (ie. matching, reliability, proximity effects, etc…)
  • Layout tool: Custom Designer (similar to Cadence)
  • Verification tools: Hercules, ICV, Star-RCXT