Freeway Finance is seeking candidates for the position of Accountant.


- Prepare reports for the Tax service or other state bodies;
- Prepare financial reports, current bookkeeping records and invoices;
- Prepare and register payment orders;
- Responsible for inventory accounting;
- Maintain good relationships with representatives of customer companies;
- Perform other duties related to accounting.

Required Qualifications:

- Higher education in the field of Finance;
- Proficiency in English language;
- Knowledge of computer and modern technologies;
- Knowledge of Armenian Software;
- Reasoning ability; strong ability to prioritize information and working processes;
- Sense of responsibility and honesty; punctuality; ability to keep confidential information;
- Ability of teamwork;
- Attention to details; patience;
- Work experience in the relevant field will be a plus;
- Knowledge of tax and labor laws will be a plus;
- Knowledge of Russian, Persian and other foreign languages will be a plus.

About Freeway Finance CJSC

Freeway Finance CJSC is an accounting firm, which provides accounting services to local and international companies. For detailed information, please visit the company's website at: www.freeway.am.