Aratours Travel Services is looking for professionals with managerial experience for the position of Commercial Director.


- Develop the Company's strategy in the area of promotion of the travel products, using all relevant marketing tools;
- Responsible for the initiation and maintenance of business relationships with the partners, hotels, service providers, partners and relevant stakeholders;
- Responsible for the supervision of the working processes and proper documentation procedures, including ongoing progress in inquiries, bookings, implementation and final follow-ups;
- Responsible for the analysis of feedback by clients and requirements by partners to ensure the further product development;
- Implement research and analytical work aimed for identification of target partners or service suppliers to ensure the further product development and sales promotion;
- Responsible for detailed reporting on sales and analysis of efficiency in previous marketing efforts, deep analysis of the clients' demographics, aimed for improvements of results of the future marketing activities;
- Responsible for development of CRM strategy, as well as introduction of practical tools and procedures in the work flow;
- Represent the Company and all products at trade shows and exhibitions; prepare of all relevant promotional materials and presentations;
- Organize research trips.

Required Qualifications:

- At least 5 years of working experience in a similar position; experience in the sphere of tourism is highly desirable; experience in client service is a plus;
- Experience in digital marketing;
- Strong logical thinking and understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements;
- Strong analytical skills in sales statistics and market research, strong problem-solving skills;
- Experience in building relationships with both suppliers and sales agents and demonstrating a commercial track record of driving sales growth;
- Excellent interpersonal skills with the confidence and ability to communicate effectively and professionally at all times and at all levels;
- Computing skills: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop CS4; basic understanding of Internet technology;
- Excellent writing and speaking skills in English language; knowledge of French or German language is a plus;
- Ability to work to tight deadlines and manage tasks in a timely and accurate manner;
- Strong self-motivation.

About Aratours Travel Services LLC

Aratours Travel Services LLC is an incoming tour agency in Armenia.