-Manage relationships with distributors

-Research and develop relationships with brands that can incorporate our products into theirs

-Develop the sales channels, sales force, achieve market penetration, create and manage relationship with distributors and large retail groups to drive sustainable growth and expand market share

-Research and assess relevant industry trends, data and consumer insights, and leverage personal expertise as a basis for strategic product development


-Present Company to the market to raise market awareness about it and its activities and services
-Ensure cooperation with various trade organisations, brands, tenants, existing and potential customers, media, etc.
-Prepare and deliver marketing strategies, various proposals, ideas, development projects and reports to the Marketing Manager, Marketing team and the Company managers on a regular basis
-Support and organize various social events to increase market awareness of the Company and its activities
-Develop marketing plans and promotional campaigns to target relevant audiences
-Perform market research, identify client needs and target segments and develop products and services accordingly to maximize sales
-Manage Company’s social platforms, perform digital marketing
-Ensure customer service satisfaction via constant monitoring of service and product quality

Required Qualifications:

-Self-Driven: candidate must show they are a self-motivated individual who does not require constant supervision to meet expectations. Possess maturity and a positive attitude
-Detailed Oriented: candidates must be highly analytical with a high degree of attention to detail to ensure 100% accuracy in projects
-Excellent Communication Skills: both written and oral
-Organized and accountable
-Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. English-Russian
-Analyse information and effectively propose solutions
-Strong consultative, facilitation, project management and presentation skills
-High degree of professionalism and confidentiality
-Ability to effectively negotiate
-Handle multiple priorities simultaneously
-Work independently
-Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams
-Establish and maintain a working environment conducive to positive morale, individual style, quality, creativity, and teamwork

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