- Company's offline and online services strategic marketing plans processing and implementation
- Productive employer
- Marketing team creation and management
- Management of the company's marketing processes
- Coordination and management of marketing budget
- Special marketing strategy for target markets
- Prepare reports for financial and business results and present to the head of the company
- Marketing strategies processing and implementation to involve the company's agents
- Customer attraction and retention strategy development and implementation
- Improving the skills of sales
- Service quality controlling
- Rival companies' advertising monitoring
- Advertising planning and process controlling
- Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and submit reports
- Advertising budget preparation and presentation
- Business cards, brochures, and other promotional materials formation and organizing their printing process

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in economics or marketing fields
- At least 1 year of work experience in marketing field
- Fluency in Armenian, Russian and English languages
- Experience in using online marketing strategy
- Project development and management skills
- Problem solving skills
- Communication and presentation skills
- Ability to work under short deadlines
- Excellent analytical skills for measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities (KPI)
- Investment of evaluating indicators aimed at the increment of profitability