Iset Economics Ba Program



International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) offers BA Program in Economic and it is now open for application! The program is taught in English.

The BA program is housed in ISET’s modern 7-floor facility in downtown Tbilisi, Georgia. To ensure the highest quality of instruction, the program is taught by a mix of international faculty and western-trained Georgian professors. The curriculum mirrors the best economics program in North America and Western Europe. Specializations in finance and public policy prepare students for careers in economic research, policy analysis, commercial banking, financial markets, insurance, business and policy consulting.


• Tuition: 3,000 USD

• Scholarships: scholarships are available for Armenian students, covering up to 60% of tuition cost

• Stipends: outstanding students are granted monthly stipends, based on academic performance

• Housing: Armenian students are eligible for subsidized housing in TSU dorms or ISET-rented apartments


• Spend up to a semester abroad: take part in international exchanges with ISET’s partner institutions in Western Europe.

• Enter the job market with experience: intern with leading private banks, international financial institutions and NGOs, Georgian government agencies and businesses. ISET’s dedicated staff and almost 300 alumni will be there to coach you through the job search process.

• Continue your education abroad: ISET is extremely proud of its success in placing graduates in the most prestigious departments around the world: Chicago, NYU, Caltech, Stanford, UPenn and PennState, Leicester, Warwick and McGill, among many others. Thirty-four ISET graduates are currently enrolled in PhD programs in the United States and Western Europe, all receiving full scholarships and stipends.


• Challenge yourself and prove your stamina and learning ability to your future employers

• Study modern economics and finance theory, practice it with real-world applications and case studies

• Develop analytical skills that will serve you in all professional settings and constantly changing environments

• Learn to handle statistical data and numbers – understand trends and make precise forecasts

• Acquire strong command of the English language, gain effective communication and presentation skills, learn to make the best use of your time, and develop strong work ethics

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About International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET)

Established in 2006, ISET is sponsored by a consortium of prominent international donors, including BP, the CERGE-EI Foundation, the Government of Georgia, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Open Society Foundation, Swedish International Cooperation Agency US Agency for International Development, and the World Bank. It is the only institution in the South Caucasus offering an international-caliber Master’s Program in Economics. From a total of 98 ISET graduates, 97% are currently employed or studying abroad. ISETers hold leading analytical positions in the National Banks and ministries in all three South Caucasus countries and studying in PhD programs at Stanford University, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania, among others.