- Plan and process market research and analysis periodically among competitors and within the Company
- Coordinate, realize and promote marketing initiatives
- Design a strategy and prepare service development plans for the restaurant business segment
- Initiate new products/ services and develop the existing ones
- Responsible for organizing events and planning holidays
- Update and organize on a daily basis social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, the Company website and Trip Adviser

Required Qualifications:

- Higher education in Marketing Management or Business Management
- Fluency in English and Russian languages
- Excellent verbal and written communications skills
- Computer skills
- Work experience in the field of marketing

Additonal Information:

Successful applicants will be provided with knowledge- and skills-based pay.

About Figaro Restaurant Group

Figaro Restaurant Group is owned by Figaro LLC. Figaro Restaurant Group manages Segafredo and other international franchise brands in Armenia.