• Master domain information
  • Provide timely information and make timely decisions
  • Prioritize all work for the team, including but not limited to requirements and addressing defects, taking both stakeholder and team needs into account when doing so
  • Reprioritize and adjust scope based on the evolving needs of the stakeholders
  • Participate in modeling and acceptance testing
  • Help the team gain access to expert stakeholders
  • Facilitate requirements modeling sessions, including requirements envisioning
  • Educate the team in the business domain
  • Demo the solution to key stakeholders, typically principals such as senior managers
  • Announce releases
  • Monitor and communicate team status to interested stakeholders
  • Organize milestone reviews
  • Educate stakeholders in the process followed by the delivery team
  • Negotiate priorities, scope, funding, and schedule

Required Qualifications:

  • Higher education
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in a related field
  • Agile/Scrum experience
  • Skilled in techniques to identify stakeholder needs, negotiate priorities between repeating stakeholder factions, and then collaborate with developers to ensure that the requirements are implemented effectively
  • Experience with Development Product Management
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English languages
  • Good management, communication and analytical skills