Energize Global Services CJSC is seeking a Project Manager for a development team. The Project Manager will be responsible for service delivery for a significant team. He / she should possess an integration of inter-personal, leadership, guiding, technical and fluent English communicative skill sets being able to travel abroad.


-Responsible for the development infrastructure and implement security guidelines
-Periodically check the needed hardware & software (e.g. terminals, debug boxes, …) and communicate with abroad located partner to receive them
-Check the backlog and keep in touch with the offshore-coordinator(s) to understand the coming tasks and organize corresponding trainings in the team if needed
-Communicate with developers to figure out the existing blocking issues or bottlenecks of tasks and provide effective solutions for them using either internal or external resources
-Participate in meetings on behalf of the whole team (steering, face to face, etc.)
-Guarantee efficiency by coordinating iterations, following up tasks (planned, current and completed) making sure the team performs at the highest possible level
-Help configuring the development environments and the logistics aspects, as part of the overall responsibility for the quality of the deliverables
-Collaborate on solutions and techniques for meeting project demands
-Assure the quality of the deliverables
-Understand the business environment of the client, its challenges and how Energize Global Services CJSC solutions will provide business benefits

-People/Team Management:
-Guide and manage the Development Team on Agile/Scrum practices and values
-Communicate with team members and discuss issues such as motivation, effectiveness, team fit, and if need to escalate / discuss the issues with foreign partner & EGS top management
-Manage vacations, days off, daily activities, and other similar needs
-Work on opportunities or events to improve the team’s technical skills and share the knowledge
-Organize team building events to enhance social relations and increase motivation
-Participate in resignation of team members and new team member selection when needed
-Proactive prevention of conflicts rather than reactive actions to keep the healthy environment between team, EGS & foreign partner
-Receive and be the management-point of contact for any complaints or remarks between the local and abroad based teams, and help manage for successful resolutions
-Propose actions to improve work efficiency and quality
-Report at every time on the situation for each track to ensure that the methodology is strictly respected
-Coordinate team members’ activities with the goal of achieving targets on time
-Evaluate continuously the performance of each team member towards the yearly salary increases, or increases due to market competitiveness; implement sanctions (dismissal, improvement plans,…) where necessary
-Introduce and manage the training of new members
-Be able to take trips to Europe, on a quarterly basis preferable, to meet and discuss in person with foreign colleagues and management related issues for constant better management of the two team working

Required Qualifications:

-Bachelor's degree in a technical field preferred or equivalent experience
-4+ professional experience in management in the IT field
-Experience/knowledge in C/C++ and/or Java/JEE
-Strong professional experience in Agile/Scrum methodology and delivery process/methodology
-Highly competent in product delivery life cycles and methods to optimize the life cycle for project needs via use of best practices
-Strong technical aptitude and hands on experience working with technical teams
-Familiarity with security concepts, embedded technology or both
-Capable of working independently and under tight deadlines
-Excellent problem solving, leadership and impediments removal skills
-A very good interpersonal skill is a key for the position
-Fluent verbal and written English is mandatory
-French language knowledge is a plus

About Energize Global Services CJSC

Energize Global Services CJSC is a software development company that provides IT services for partners all over the world and develops its own products.