ArmPower is looking for a candidate for the position of Social Media Manager. The incumbent will administer the Company’s social aspect and advertising. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and enthusiasm for connecting with current and future customers.


Social Media Manager's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
- Deliberate planning, strategy and goal setting;
- Develop brand awareness and online reputation;
- Carry out content management (managing, publishing information in any form or medium);
- Responsible for reputation management.

Required Qualifications:

- Knowledge and experience in the tenets of traditional marketing; degree in Marketing is welcomed but not required;
- Creativity and documented immersion in media/ press (give links to profiles as examples);
- Proficiency in content marketing theory and application;
- Experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing;
- Ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side; ability to demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound;
- In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios;
- Excellent writing and language skills;
- Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and video format;
- Team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other employees when necessary (i.e. content development, creation and editing of content, and online reputation management);
- Evident good technical understanding and ability to pick up new tools quickly;
- Winning social customer service techniques such as empathy, patience, advocacy and conflict resolution;
- Great ability to identify potential negative or crisis situation and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues;
- Excellent knowledge of English language, both written and verbal.

About Armpower CJSC

Armpower CJSC is the subsidiary of Renco Power and Siemens Project Ventures, wholly owned by Siemens AG. ArmPower CJSC will develop, own and operate a 250MW Power Plant in Yerevan, Armenia.