- Develop software code based on the existing design
- Constantly update technical knowledge and skills
- Employ a good code writing style that includes proper naming and sufficient comments
- Update/ write technical documentation on codes and algorithms
- Work productively as a key member of a software development team
- Actively participate in discussions regarding technical issues
- May have to travel to the USA or other countries to work with other team members

Required Qualifications:

- At least 2 years of work experience with C# and .NET
- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics or a related discipline
- Good grades in undergraduate and other studies
- Strong problem-solving skills and ability to be a successful member of a team
- Strong knowledge of C#, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC3, EF and WCF
- Work experience with MVC and MVVM patterns
- Work experience with programming user interfaces
- Work experience with relational databases and SQL language
- Ability to develop efficient codes
- Familiarity with algorithms; ability to estimate algorithm complexity
- Familiarity with data structures
- Good English language skills, including reading, writing and speaking
- Flexibility in learning and applying different programming languages and technologies
- Efficiency in the use of memory and CPU time

About OPTYM Armenia LLC

OPTYM Armenia head office is based in Florida, USA. Our main specialization is developing and licensing large-scale computer models and software to help transportation industry managers analyze and solve complex network problems. We are expert in optimization and simulation techniques, and packaging these techniques with the latest information technology software. We specialize in developing very efficient, responsive, interactive, and user-friendly software solutions to complex decision problems in the field of transportation.