As a Software Engineer in Test at Workfront, the incumbent will work with the Engineering Team and partner with Product Management to take ideas for Workfront’s products and turn them into realized features in his/ her work experience cloud platform. He/ she will work in an Agile environment and estimate assigned work, provide task breakdowns and implement tests for features and micro-services which use Java, web technologies (JavaScript, React and HTML5), multiple frameworks (Spring, Docker and AWS), and data technologies (RDBMS, NoSQL, Kafka and Elasticsearch).
As a Software Engineer in Test, the incumbent will use his/ her skills to review the code base and the requirements, and provide robust test coverage for the features assigned to them and their Software Engineering Team. He/ she will be challenged daily to solve problems, expand knowledge of the Workfront platform and the technologies that can be used to continuously improve it. The incumbent’s technical skills and ownership responsibilities will gradually increase as they move toward the next level.


- Meet with own team and communicate the current state of testing activities and the quality of the application; provide update on the work completed yesterday and to be completed today;
- Work with own team to plan the sprint and take on tasks that will help the team succeed;
- Review requirements and work with Product Management to eliminate ambiguities and potential conflicts early in the process;
- Review the feature implementation and suggest improvements for testability;
- Implement test coverage for the features based on white-box code analysis and product requirements;
- Review black-box test scenarios and secure an adequate coverage of those;
- Review pull requests and test run results to ensure no existing functionality is broken by the changes introduced by your team's work;
- Communicate test results and status to the team and leadership;
- Take some time to do some research, train in a new technology or participate in a team building exercise with own team.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or equivalent education) or equivalent work experience;
- 1-3 years of programming experience or relevant education in languages and/ or technology in use at Workfront (Java and Spring framework);
- Knowledge of and experience with test automation technologies such as JUnit and Selenium WebDriver;
- Knowledge of and/ or experience in SQL and relational databases, web technologies (HTTP, HTML and JavaScript);
- Experience in working with continuous integration systems, accompanied by strong knowledge of distributed source control systems, such as Git;
- Knowledge of and experience with Spring, Docker, AWS, RDBMS, NoSQL, Kafka and Elasticsearch;
- Knowledge of and experience with JavaScript, React and HTML5;
- "Will-do" attitude and growth mindset to ensure a successful journey with Workfront;
- Excellent written and at least practical verbal knowledge of English language.

- Demonstrated knowledge of front-end technologies (AngularJS), as well as corresponding test automation technologies (Karma and Jasmine);
- Demonstrated and excellent communication skills; ability to not only adapt and work well with a Software Engineering Team, but also excel in a team environment;
- Passion and drive to take ownership of problems, deliver quality solutions, stand out from the pack and grow with the Company.

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