About Citadeli

Citadeli Ltd. has been successfully positioning itself at the construction materials market since 2011.  It offers customers the following high demandable construction materials: formwork systems, hydro, heat and sound insulation systems, construction equipment, etc.

The Company cooperates with leading international brands such as Danish companies "Rockwool" and "Paroc", German companies "Peri", Liebherr" and "Kreisel", French company "Icopal", Russian company "Sveza" and others.

Company Citadeli Ltd. possesses wholesale trade areas and warehouses in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi and is an active employer at the labor market and cares for its staff members’ development.

Growth of the company is substantiated with guaranteed quality, high reliability and qualified staff members.

For further information visit the website: https://www.citadeli.com/en


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    • Jan 31, 2021