Golden West Freight is an Armenian transportation and logistics company established in 2018. The company has more than 6 branches in Yerevan.
Golden West Freight is looking for an Accountant to join our growing team!
Work experience: Preferable
Working hours։ 17։00 – 02։00


- Implementation of current calculations
- Implementation of current assignments
- Establishing current communication with customers
- Working with documentation
- Carrying out daily calls

Required Qualifications:

- Be fluent in English
- Your customers are English speakers and all paperwork is in English
- Be proficient in Excel
- Your working platform is Excel and all your work will be through it
- Be a good communicator
- To organize all the work smoothly, you’ll need to build the information accurately and ensure it’s delivered right
- Be flexible
- Flexibility will help you in complicated situations for fast response Be result-oriented: To perform better and achieve your best in this job, you’ll need to set a goal and do all you can to make it your result