The company needs accountants with the profound knowledge of tax legislation of Armenia. The ideal  candidate should also be proficient user of accounting softwares like  1C and Armenian Software. 
The Job is in the Yerevanyan office of the comany, which is located in Mergelyan business center. Working hours are form 9.30 to 6.30 from Monday to Saturday.
The employee will be supervised by the CFO of the company and will have superior workers in his or her subordination.


  • Managing the documentation process of the production and services
  • Organizing initial journal entries
  • Preparation of monthly tax reports
  • Other daily tasks

Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Tax legislation
  • Knowledge of Accounting software
  • Bachelors degree in Accounting, finance or in a related course. 


About Khayts Ishkhan LLC

Khays Ishkhan LLC is a fish breeding company that produces various types of trout and other fish products.