GIZ is seeking to employ an Advisor within the framework of “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” (EU-ITTD) Project.


- Implement daily operational aspects of all issues related to the Project, in particular in Grant Schemes for innovative tourism ventures;
- Responsible for elaboration of the conceptual framework on tourism clustering and the conceptualisation and implementation of action activities;
- Responsible for processing technical aspects and further developing the area of responsibility in accordance with the specified quality standards and a focus on innovative approaches;
- Conceptualize and implement the grant process (cycle from preparation, announcement, selection, mentorship, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation) for the tourism clustering in collaboration with the administrative experts;
- Support a comprehensive monitoring system for the Project.

Advising the Partner Institution(s)
- Assist and monitor the development and implementation of Project plans and activities in the areas in close consultation with relevant stakeholders mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Cooperate closely with the Project team in Yerevan including frequent business trips; contribute to preparing and implementing the coordination process with all stakeholders, as well as joint Project activities;
- Support trainings and capacity development activities for partner institutions mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Deal with the design, preparation and implementation of workshops, seminars, grant schemes, and related events mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Develop and organise quality assurance measures and suggest necessary changes, improvements and initiatives, using Capacity WORKS and other relevant tools. Conceptualise, manage and steer input by external consultants (through service contracts and/or local subsidy contracts); this includes tasks in procurement and contracting processes according to GIZ rules and regulations as follows:
a) Draft documents for award processes (e.g. TOR with specifications of input, technical specifications, cost-estimates, tender announcements);
b) Evaluate technical and financial proposals and select service providers;
c) Prepare documents for contracting (e.g. justification of the proposed award procedure, payment schedule);
d) Responsible for technical supervision of service delivery/ implementation of activities and reporting according to the contract;
e) Support contract settlement (e.g. timely information of Project administrative staff of upcoming payments, checking of invoices, service confirmation);
- Be ready to take over additional advisory responsibility according to the needs of the Project or as agreed with the superior;
- Support to individual Project design process with the partners and thoroughly monitor the implementation.

Networking and Cooperation
- Support cooperation, regular contact and dialogue with partners, assist with PR and cooperate with relevant organisations, non-governmental agencies and individuals in the Project environment and with other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Develop a network of national and international experts from the field supporting key activities for startup ecosystem and pipeline development mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Support donor and stakeholder coordination to ensure ecosystem development mainly in Tavush, Lori and Shirak;
- Communicate local interests and efforts, forward these and encourage sharing ideas and information for the benefit of the Project;
- Maintain a good flow of communication and information between all involved institutions and stakeholders, including the EU Delegation, German Embassy and GIZ;
- Ensure smooth dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders focusing on Tavush, Lori and Shirak.

- Coordinate general Project planning and develop Project concepts, including preparation, organisation and moderation of planning exercises and their implementation, management, monitoring, quality management, evaluation, communication and documentation (using Capacity WORKS and other relevant tools);
- Coordinate relevant Project activities at local level in consultation with the manager and in cooperation with partners, both with regard to implementation and preparing organisational aspects;
- Comply relevant information for joint activities and assignments;
- Support Project management on behalf of GIZ (e.g. offer preparation, impact monitoring, Project progress review, reporting).

Knowledge Management
- Ensure knowledge transfer to all relevant stakeholders;
- Develop ready-to-use strategies and technical/ professional concepts;
- Prepare and revise reports and presentation documents;
- Prepare appropriate input for various Project reports including annual reports, monitoring reports, and contribute to other reports required by the team leader and GIZ Head Office;
- Assist with research activities and studies on tourism clusters.

Required Qualifications:

- Master's degree in an area that is related to the project objectives, with a focus on a relevant field;
- At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in a comparable position;
- High self-organizational skills and sense of responsibility, accuracy, integrity and commitment;
- Very high communication and networking skills, high teamwork abilities;
- Very good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, Email, the Internet, social media) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office);
- Fluent knowledge of written and oral English language; knowledge of German language is an advantage;
- Willingness to continued learning and training to successfully fulfil the tasks and responsibilities as outlined herein, relevant measures are identified and agreed upon with the team leader;
- Readiness for frequent business trips in the country.