You will be part of 40+ dynamic team in our Yerevan office to harvest and leverage our proprietary data to deliver a breakthrough product and services that will enhance our core products.
Given our diverse needs, we can make use of any interesting skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, computational linguistics or natural language processing (NLP), alternatively, data science and we are curious to learn more about your specialties.
In this role, you will be a key member in new feature development and identify technical and linguistic solutions directly affecting the customer experience.


Your responsibilities will be, but will not be limited to:

  • Work with various teams to strategize process and design plans for implementation of AI/ML techniques;

  • Design and executive cutting-edge solutions to enhance current products and processes;

  • Review and Implement the best strategies for AI/ML and data storage technologies to support the product;

  • Design the natural language processing components (on the technical and linguistic side) to create optimal solutions for the product;

  • Automate the team's work on difficult language data problems through scripts or programs (e.g. Python, Perl), regular expressions, etc.;

  • Apply statistical NLP methods in practical application;

  • Resolve technical design conflicts.

Required Qualifications:

Behind any formal qualification, there are three important soft skills that we need to see:

  • Broad intellectual curiosity of the person that constantly reads on the field and will constantly keep on exploring the best technologies and approaches;

  • Self-starter/Initiative taker that once the strategic taks given, can clearly formulate path to explore the task and deliver results;

  • Willingness to support several projects at one time and to accept reprioritization as necessary;

  • Ability to keep deadlines.

Formal qualifications:

  • BA or higher degree in a relevant field;

  • Previous strong and demonstrable experience with AI and ML algorithms, and/or complex data exercise, and/or NLP, computational linguistics, language data processing etc.;

  • At least 1+ Experience with Machine Learning with frameworks such as TensorFlow.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong math background;

  • Experience in deploying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning systems to production;

  • Broad knowledge of modern Artificial Intelligence techniques;

  • Programming experience in Python (any other languages such as Java, C++ or JavaScript are a plus);

  • Big data processing and programming experience.