- Work on the generation and exploration of novel ideas for data science/AI/ML applications in military and civilian sectors
- Work on developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms
- Build predictive models using machine learning algorithms
- Collaborate with engineering and product development units
- Participate in data mining using up-to-date methods
- Process, analyze, interpret, and visualize large amounts of information using data visualization techniques
- Communicate results and ideas to key decision-makers
- Write reports and present results to the team and the leadership of FAST
- Perform literature reviews
- Serve as a scientific expert for both internal and external parties
- Participate in data science syllabus creation and conduct training

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's or master's degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics or an adjacent field
- Experience or familiarity with R&D or IT project management
- Familiarity with a programming language (e.g. Python, R, Matlab) for scientific computing
- Familiarity with large-scale and high throughput data processing and analysis
- Ability to search, analyze, and utilize scientific literature
- Military experience will be considered as a plus
- Scientifically creative thinker with a visionary, optimistic outlook
- Outstanding teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills
- A strong self-starter and independent thinker

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