“Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO is looking for an Attorney-Lawyer. The key priority for “Right Side” Human Rights Defender is acceptance and respect towards Trans and LGBQI+ people.


Provide legal counselling to beneficiaries
- Do legal representation of NGO and its beneficiaries in State bodies, Courts and in other governmental and non-
governmental local and international institutions
- Answer hotline phone calls if necessary; provide night-time presentation at the police
- Mutually cooperate with state, local self-governing and legal bodies
- Propose legislative initiatives, if needed
- Conduct legal researches
- Document human rights violations of beneficiaries
- Prepare reports and analysis on human rights violation issues
- Prepare necessary legal documents of the NGO/ employment contracts, by laws updates, internal regulations, etc.
- Prepare a national report about the violations of rights of beneficiaries
- Develop and deliver training modules on human rights, discrimination and torture prevention, freedom of speech,
hate speech and hate crime and on gender equality issues
- Prepare different statements and communicate with local and international governmental and non-governmental
- Perform other activities related to the job

Required Qualifications:

- Law degree
- At least 3 years of work experience
- LGBTQ inclusive and non-discriminative approach
- Excellent knowledge of the RA Criminal and Civil Code
- Knowledge of international law
- Experience in research and reporting
- Knowledge of legal terminology in English, as well as an attempt to prepare legal contracts (or bilingual
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English, knowledge of Russian language is highly encouraged
- Individual responsibility to be self-disciplined, punctuality, great inter-personal communication skills,
- Teamwork and effective time management skills;
- Work experience with civil society organizations and advocate qualification will be considered as an advantage
- Computer skills.