Our team is looking for a new energetic, passionate and creative team member, who is eager to hand on experience on different web and soft development projects.


  1. Produce high quality, modular, reusable code that incorporates coding best practices 
  2. Create responsive web applications with modern frameworks
  3. Work with the existing code;
  4. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency
  5. Learn new practices

What you will get:
1. Hands on experience on working in an IT team
2. Hands on and working experience of real-life web projects
3. Hands on experience on improving your skills and knowledge by working in real projects.


Required Qualifications:

1) Knowledge of PHP
2) Knowledge of Laravel
3) Good understanding of web development cycle
4) Knowledge of MySQL
5) Knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML / CSS / JS)
6) Knowledge of GIT