You will:

  • Be part of our product team and drive the development of the back-end (API) of our product.
    • Our back-end stack is base .NET Core running on Microsoft Azure. Help us make this API awesome, well-documented and easy to use for our customers.
  • Help out on customer projects with requirements analysis and integrations from customer systems to our product.
    • Our product sits in the middle of our customers system landscape. Sometimes they need help with integrations. You are responsible for driving the integration process. You coordinate with the customers development team and align integration design and deadlines with them.
  • Help out with improving our deployment process.
    • We run deployments with DevOps pipelines and Infrastructure as code. The deployment process needs a little tweak here-and-there. DevOps is a shared responsibility in ZEVIT so if you are DevOps-savvy, you are more than welcome to pitch in.

Required Qualifications:

Your skills:

  • 2+ years of .NET (core)
  • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Experience with REST API-design
  • Experience with unit-testing
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with clean architecture is a strong plus but not a must
  • Experience with Azure is a strong plus but not a must
  • Experience with docker is a plus but not a must
  • Experience within Data Security & Compliance in cloud environments is a plus but not a must
  • Experience with DevOps is a plus but not a must


Your characteristics:

  • Fluent in English - both written and spoken
  • Is able to plan his/her own tasks according to agreed scope and deadlines
  • Passionate about programming - Watching talks and reading books on how to improve your code. (Does some these names ring a bell? Eric Evans, Martin Fowler, Greg Young, Robert C. Martin, Jason Taylor, Sam Newman etc.)
  • Detail-oriented - When you say a task is done, then you've checked all edge-cases, written unit-tests.
  • Eagerness to move security compliance beyond the checklist.