-As a back-end web developer at Appwise you will work closely with your colleagues in the web team, UX-experts, designers, project managers and in many projects also with the engineers from the mobile team.
-You develop and maintain the back-end systems and web applications that will be connected to our apps. You are in charge of the setup of the application, you get to choose the third-party components and SDK's to integrate depending on the project needs, and of course, you provide the hardcore development!

Required Qualifications:

-You have experience with NodeJS, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, ...
-You have at least 2 year of experience in web development or the equivalent of.
-You have experience working in a team.
-You are a fast learner and enjoy working with new and cutting-edge technologies.
-You are passionate about web development.
-You have used and are familiar with common frameworks, libraries, ...
-You follow the webdev community closely and love to experiment with new technologies and libraries.
-You have good communication skills and know how to explain your ideas and provide constructive feedback.
-You can easily express yourself in English.
-Out-of-the-box thinker