“GN” LLC is looking for a Brand Representative/ Influencer in order to develop effective brand representation for its brands. The position assumes a bunch of responsibilities which would boost the brands’ sales, including promoting products in-store to implementing marketing campaigns.


- Develop and execute marketing campaigns aimed at communicating the brand message;
- Measure and report on success of marketing campaigns;
- Travel (not only in-house, but more often abroad) to meet with distributors, vendors, and prospective customers, communicate the brand personality and align the Company around foundational ideas, communicate its vision and mission;
- Perform site inspections and conduct research to determine locations for new branches or dealerships, analyse brand positioning and consumer insights;
- Conduct market research and attend industry events where networking is possible;
- Achieve all the targets set in a concrete measurable time (in accordance to the KPIs);
- Prepare and submit sales reports and deliver presentations if required;
- Liaise with clients and answer all questions and complaints efficiently and professionally;
- Keep abreast of product developments and market trends.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's degree in Marketing or a related field;
- Prior experience in a customer service environment, brand representation, sales;
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
- Perfect knowledge of English language;
- Friendly, approachable and outgoing personality.