People in Need is looking for a Business Expert to be responsible for a) Establishment of 4 public-private partnership between the target VET institutions business companies for dual education implementation (work-based learning course implementation), with the scope to establish more if time and resource permits and in agreement with the Project Manager; b) Business companies’ full involvement in the Project activities participating in each stage of the course development, implementation and marketing works, as well as in dialogue platform meetings with Project partner VET institutions.


- Under the technical guidance of GIZ, support the Business Partners to engage and effectively fulfill their role and responsibilities as outlined in the to-be-signed VET-Business MOUs and the GIZ WBL Course Development Tool Kit;
- Supervise the process of occupational standards and curricula modernization in agricultural and textile sectors;
- In partnership with the TVET Project Manager, coordinate the inputs of GIZ and BEP;
- Supervise the MoU signing between the Project VET institutions and business companies to jointly provide WBL courses;
- In cooperation with GIZ, ensure business participation in site visits to GIZ WBL projects;
- Ensure attendance and active participation of business partners in the BEP-led Regional Dialogue and Coordination Platforms, bringing in other businesses where value of doing so is clear; ensure attendance and active participation of business representation at the national dialogue event, supporting the project PPPs to creating content and showcase their experiences;
- Contribute to the development of TORs for the experts working within the course development Working Groups;
- Support the business partners to play a full and effective role in the WBL course development process both during and beyond the course development Working Groups and aligned to the GIZ course development process;
- Support business partners and VET Institutions in identifying the equipment and facility requirements needed for course implementation and which partner is responsible for providing which;
- Support business partners in determining the TOR and capacity requirements of the Business Partner's WBL Instructor;
- Conduct training needs assessment of the Business Partner's nominated WBL Instructor;
- Support the Project Manager to procure the training provider, and manager the training providers in their delivery of training to the Business Partners nominated WBL Instructure;
- Support businesses through short course implementation;
- Facilitate the companies' involvement in WBL awareness raising campaign activities: marketing of dual education.

Required Qualifications:

Essential Qualifications:
- At least 5 years of experience working with the Armenian Small and Medium Size business sector;
- Proven business operations or business management;
- Experience facilitating establishment and negotiation of partnerships;
- Excellent facilitation skills;
- Ability to work efficiently and proactively to deliver products and results to time and quality;
- Willingness to undertake travel to businesses and VET institutions;
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Armenian and English languages.

Desirable Qualifications:
- Knowledge of TVET sector and Work Based Learning methods;
- Understanding of Armenian labour rules and labour market;
- Understanding of marketing methods.

About People in Need Czech NGO Representative Office in Armenia

People in Need is a Czech non-governmental organization that provides relief aid and development assistance, while working to defend human rights and democratic freedom. It is one of the largest relief and development organizations in Central/Eastern Eur