• Develop, maintain and enhance cross-platform C++ library with the Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Python wrappers;
  • Work effectively in a cross-platform environment including iOS, Android and UNIX/Linux distributions;
  • Ensure that deliverables match or exceed expected performance and functional requirements;
  • Work and collaborate effectively in a dynamic team setting;
  • Be able to effectively contribute to the development of a large scale and cross-platform code-base;
  • Debug complex, multi-component issues that can span across multiple OS, library and   application layers;
  • Profile performance problems and drive optimizations across the entire software stack;
  • Willing to learn new technology stacks and algorithms.

Required Qualifications:

  • Hands-on experience and knowledge of C++;
  • Good understanding of code compilation, linking and the execution phases;
  • Good knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms;
  • Experience in developing libraries and applications in a cross-platform environment is a plus;
  • Experience in developing APIs consumed from Objective-C, Swift, Python and Java environments is a plus;
  • Knowledge of GPU rendering and computational technologies like OpenGL, Metal, and Vulkan is a plus.