People in Need Armenia is looking for a skilled facilitator to support Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment and Strategy Development processes for 8 civic initiatives and grassroots organizations based in different regions of Armenia. The process will include remote workshop facilitation and individual consultations. The Organization is planning to recruit 1-3 facilitators, depending on the quality of applications and time availability of top candidates. This assignment is part of the Project “Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in South Caucasus and Moldova”, funded by the European Union and implemented by People in Need.


- Facilitate organizational capacity self-assessment process for each CSO, in close cooperation with the PIN team and using PIN’s Organization Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) as guidance;
- Review the selected civil society organizations’ Strategic plans (if existing);
- Facilitate the development of new short, medium and/ or long-term Strategic Plans for organizations that require them.

The assessment will be used as a baseline of organizational development and as a basis for organizational development and strategic plans. Strategic plans may have different formats according to the type and size of the organization. Especially for informal initiatives these may be brief (2-5 page) documents that will be revised during the course of the Project as needed. The success of the assignment will be assessed based on the satisfaction of the participating CSOs, their ownership of and commitment to their organizational development and strategic plans, rather than on the length or sophistication of the provided documents.

Organizational Capacity Assessment
- Participate in the information session on OCAT, administered by PIN for the Project Team;
- In cooperation with the Project Team facilitate the Kick-off meeting with the selected CSO representatives and present the scope of the upcoming activities (organizational capacity assessment tool and strategic planning);
- Be available to respond on the questions and provide clarifications during the period when CSOs would work on their own Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment;
- Organize one-on-one meetings with the project participants to revise/finalize the Organizational Capacity Development Action Plans.

Strategic Planning
- Based on the Organizational Capacity Assessment results, in close collaboration with CSOs, facilitate the development of organization’s short and long-term Strategic Plans (including the assessment of existing vision, mission and strategic objectives).

In addition
- Consult with PIN Project Team the logistic issues (if any);
- Submit deliverables in a timely manner;
- Support CSO representatives in identifying relevant information and literature sources and follow up (if needed).

Key Deliverables
- Filled Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment form for each CSO;
- Organizational Capacity Development Action Plans for each CSO;
- Strategic Plans for each CSO;
- Final report (in English language), outlining the:
a) Main challenges, findings;
b) Methodology applied;
c) Package of recommendations for follow-up.

Required Qualifications:

- Experience with facilitation of group learning and change processes;
- Understanding of organizational capacity development and strategic planning, ability to advise the organizations on these topics;
- Experience with leading online workshops, trainings or activities; understanding of the specifics of online environment, learning and collaboration;
- Knowledge of Armenian civil society environment. Background in civic activism, civic participation is an advantage;
- Proven communication and collaboration skills, openness to learning new things as part of the process, working with a co-facilitator and incorporating tools developed by PIN;
- Ability to perform tasks and fulfil responsibilities within the fixed time-frames;
- Highly motivated and committed to the values of transparency and integrity;
- Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English and Armenian languages.