•  Develops new drinks recipes.
  •  Monitors organoleptic, microbiological, physicochemical laboratory analysis of raw materials and
  • finished goods `samples.
  •  Maintains a report on the results of the research, carries out their calculations and analysis.
  •  Controls the compliance of technological processes of production with the approved standards.
  •  Ensures quality control of technological processes (incoming control, quality control of finished goods).
  •  Checks the finished goods specifications and draws up relevant documentation (certification,
  • declaration, etc.).
  •  Develops new methods of modernization of technological processes and product testing.
  •  Submits a progress report.
  •  Supervises the work of the relevant department.
  •  Performs other duties arising from the position.

Required Qualifications:

  •  High Education in relevant field (food technologist, chemist)
  •  At least 3 years of work experience in similar position.
  •  Knowledge of the legislative and standard technical documents governing the industry.
  •  Knowledge of food quality standards.
  •  Experience in making technological production schemes and recipes development.
  •  Management and organizational skills.

About Atenk LTD

Atenk Ltd. operates in the field of meat products.