The Work:

For this role, the key responsibilities will include:

  • Stakeholder Management (25%)
    • Serve as the principal liaison with USAID, other donors, key government officials, and international and local organizations, representing the project with integrity and effective communications and ensuring overall compliance
    • Develop and oversee partnerships with appropriate national and local stakeholders, including government, private sector, and civil society actors
    • Represent the project publicly, including at workshops, events, and in forums
  • Team & Project Management (25%)
    • Lead the implementation team
    • Provide technical and strategic leadership to the project and team, applying good management techniques that establish a positive culture and bring a participatory ethos to the work
    • Oversee project staff and overall strategies related to project budgeting and financial management; monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL)
  • Program Development & Implementation (25%) 
    • Leverage Teach For Armenia’s Kochari and Community Impact Philosophy in order to design a robust student leadership program in alignment with USAID’s priorities
    • Provide technical oversight of the program, including incorporating best practices for youth development approaches in coordination with other technical staff, the DCOP, and MEL Specialist
    • Keep track of innovations within the field of youth engagement and development programming and apply innovations to project implementation
  • Reporting (15%)
    • Oversee the delivery of project deliverables, including annual work plans, reports, and strategy documents; ensure deliverables are submitted on time and are implemented within budget
  • Other (10%)
    • Take on additional responsibilities as needed in order to successfully meet the intended outcomes of the program


NOTE: Teach For Armenia is a growing nonprofit working within a dynamic system. Our team must be agile as we grow in scale. We are looking for leaders who are resilient and adaptive. That is to say that responsibilities may shift over time.


Required Qualifications:

About You:

Teach For Armenia may be the place for you if you believe it is important to foster a values-driven workplace that is centered on leadership. Our team must be composed of culture-builders who exemplify the type of leadership we are striving to cultivate in our classrooms and across the system. This means each staff member must strive to exemplify our Kochari, hold ourselves to the highest of standards while owning up to mistakes when we ourselves falter.


For this role specifically, we are also looking for a candidate who possesses the following key competencies:

  • USAID Relations: The COP will be the primary contact between the implementation team and USAID. As such, we need a leader who understands how to engage with USAID and meet the expectations outlined by the grant. 
  • Stakeholder Management: In addition to fostering a strong rapport with USAID, the COP must also engage with various local stakeholders, such are the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports, regional government agencies, as well as our partner schools. 
  • Youth Civic Engagement: Given the scope of the project, we are looking for a leader who has a deep understanding of how to lead programs that promote student leadership and civic engagement. 
  • Team Management: The implementation team will likely represent a cross-section of different local and international organizations. For that reason, it is important that the COP understands how to foster collaboration across lines of difference in order to achieve results. 
  • Project Management: This project will be a multi-year program with many moving parts. The COP must be able to support the team with mapping out priorities in order to meet benchmarks in a timely fashion. 


Aside from these core competencies, we are also looking for the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field is required; An advanced degree is highly preferred;
  • Minimum 10+ years of professional experience leading international development projects, particularly in youth development, civic education and engagement, democracy and governance, with preference given to experience in Armenia and the region;
  • Knowledge of the political, social, cultural, environmental, and development context of Armenia preferred; and
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in Armenian and English is required.

About Teach For Armenia

Teach For Armenia is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is enlisting Armenia's most promising future leaders in the mission to ensure all children in Armenia have access to an excellent education. Participants in the program, known as Fello