Dar Foundation is looking for a Community Outreach Coordinator to be responsible for raising awareness of the Project, implemented in target communities, assessing the needs of residents, conducting sociological and other research of the Gagarin Project (hereinafter referred to as the Project). He/ she is accountable to the Project Manager.


- Initiate, design and coordinate sociological and other researches, as well as analyze and report by using scales or other means;
- Provide community awareness of the Project and its components;
- Promote target community residents’ active involvement and increase their initiatives;
- Providе evaluation of needs of the Communities and residents through the mutual communication and trust between the Project and the Communities;
- Coordinate small community initiatives.

Required Qualifications:

- Qualifications in Sociology or other related fields or 8 years of experience in communications;
- At least 3 years of professional experience in similar fields;
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian (Eastern) and English languages; sufficient knowledge of Russian language;
- Proficiency of Microsoft Office, CPSS and other similar programs;
- Willingness to participate in community development initiatives;
- Ability to take initiative and propose new ideas, yet be open to ideas from others;
- Highly-organized with excellent time management skills;
- Flexibility to work evenings and weekends during special events;
- Friendly and sociable with willingness to delve into other people's problems;
- Frequent community visits and willingness to stay in communities for a short period of time.