• thinking about and conceptualizing computational and maths-related problems and challenges;
  • developing new products or solve practical computing problems;
  • conducting research involving experimentation and modeling;
  • working as part of a research team with programmers, IT professionals, and mechanical, electrical or software engineers to solve problems and create new product;
  • studying, experimenting and investigating technological fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality;
  • seeking to improve the performance of existing computer systems and software;
  • developing new hardware or computing techniques and materials.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent maths skills;
  • Excellent computer and technology knowledge and skills;
  • An ability to analyze problems and trace them to their core causes
  • A systematic approach to work and problem solving;
  • A stickler for accuracy;
  • A strong ability to anticipate and diagnose problems;
  • Ability to organize and classify large amounts of information
  • Spoken English.