• Identifying the needs of clients visiting the Bank;
  • Providing relevant advice / information on the Bank's services and products to the Clients;
  • Sale of services provided by the Bank;
  • Consulting clients on ATMs and payment terminals;
  • Acceptance of new, reissued or confiscated plastic cards, providing them to customers;
  • Providing customers with relevant information on their accounts and other services, servicing;
  • Acceptance of applications from customers related to Bank services, ensuring the process;
  • Complete clarification and resolution of issues voiced and tasks raised by clients, quick response to present problems, and providing feedback;
  • Accepting of complaints and suggestions,  filed by customers, ensuring further proсess, providing feedback.

Required Qualifications:

  • Higher Education;
  • Work experience in the relevant field will be considered as a privilege;
  • Knowledge of banking products and services;
  • Knowledge of banking legislation;
  • Knowledge of computer programs /MS Office/;
  • Good knowledge of Armenian, Russian and English;
  • Effective customer service skills;
  • Communication and teamwork skills;
  • Cross selling skills;
  • Proper job organization and time management skills;
  • Ability to negotiate and resolve issues quickly and effectively;
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Punctuality and sense of responsibility;
  • Knowledge of business ethics norms and their application.