This consultancy will support the Government’s effort by undertaking an in-depth assessment of the current provision model for case management services being offered at the ISPCs and a set of recommendations on how to revamp the service provision in face of the recent reform in the organization and delivery of these services for citizens and the proposed Unified Information System that will be developed to enhance the tasks of social workers. The activity will be undertaken in close collaboration with the MLSA and the National Institute for Labor and Social Research experts. The consultancy will undertake an assessment of the current case management model, documenting the service delivery in the ISPCs, assessing the integrated provision of those services, and providing recommendations on how to revamp those services in light of the recent reforms of the social sector and international best practice.


The Local Consultant will contribute to the overall assessment of the current provision model for case management services being offered at the ISPCs with a focus on conducting the desktop review of the legislation and operational guidelines, coordinating the qualitative data collection process and providing written inputs for the final report. The Local Consultant is expected to work closely with the WB team and an international consultant. More specifically, the Local Consultant is expected to:
- Identify and undertake a pertinent desktop review of the primary and secondary legislation regulating the provision of social services at the ISPC centers, as well as operational guidelines and summarizing key aspects;
- Identify, collect and review other documentation relevant to the provision of services in the ISPC centers, summarizing key aspects; the WB team will share existing knowledge produced by international organization including the WB, UNICEF, USAID;
- Review the basic methodology and principles of the business processes assessment currently being carried out by the Ministry;
- Support the design of data collection tools for structured interviews with selected respondents, online surveys and focus group discussions if could be implemented in the current context;
- Carry out bilateral interviews to collect information. Ideally these interviews will happen in person, but the consultants will work in conjunction with the team to decide on the most adequate modality given the current context restrictions derived from the COVID-19 crisis and security concerns given the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict;
- Prepare a written report summarizing the findings of the interviews and other data collection tools;
- Contribute to PPT presentations highlighting main findings and recommendations, and jointly present to the Ministry with the WB team;
- Prepare written inputs for the final report, as requested by the International Consultant and the Bank’s team;
- Translate any relevant output from Armenian language to English language, as requested by the International Consultant and the Bank’s team;
- Participate in team meetings with the WB Armenia extended team.

Required Qualifications:

- Master's degree or equivalent in Economics, Statistics, Social Work, Sociology or a related field;
- Proven experience in areas of social protection and integrated provision of social services;
- Proven experience on data collection processes for the social sector;
- Proven knowledge of the social services sector and current reforms in Armenia;
- Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Armenian languages;
- Some international experience working on social sectors is desirable.