The goals of the multi-country assessment assignment is to assess the overall climate-finance regulatory and opportunities landscape in the target countries (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan ), assess market needs, available products, financial instruments, ascertain obstacles for the growth in climate finance, identify potential leads and target segments and thus help IFC deliver a valid value proposition to clients, i.e. Financial Institutions, and Regulators of Financial Markets as defined above. The Consultant is expected to analyze the climate finance landscape in the target countries, identify strategic opportunities to advance climate finance investments and advisory, and detail potential obstacles which IFC may help overcome. A brief presentation, summarizing findings, will be presented to IFC staff alongside the report. Assessment would entail researching and summarizing relevant data from public sources and existing studies and reports. Interviews can be conducted, as necessary, with regulatory bodies, industry associations, banks and other key stakeholders. The scope of the desk research and the stakeholder consultations will include:


The Consultant will produce, at a minimum, the following deliverables:
- Conduct all the necessary individual meetings with different stakeholders involved to best understand the market and to best address/ provide solutions;
- Prepare country specific climate finance market scoping report, including:
a) A list of all the meetings conducted;
b) Climate finance market overview (detailing all points in the above scope);
c) Appropriate commentary as to the strengths and weaknesses of the situation in key sectors;
d) Potential partners and a plan of action for prioritizing and developing further steps from IFC’s perspective;
- Present results to IFC team.

Required Qualifications:

To deliver the project, IFC is seeking to recruit a consultant with the following qualifications:
- Substantial business experience in the development and implementation of climate finance projects for clients, with preferably some exposure to the subject in the ECA region;
- Understanding of climate finance landscape in ECA, of what works, what are the success factors and who are the main players;
- Familiarity with the technical aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the relevant regulatory and policy issues that impact the delivery and expansion of climate finance;
- Deep understanding of global trends in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and of emerging best practices and innovations;
- Proven business development skills, including developing client relationships, outlining value propositions to clients, and establishing credibility among senior managers in financial institutions;
- Demonstrated skills in consulting and providing technical assistance to banks/ financial institutions;
- Team player with organizational skills and demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with minimal supervision;
- Ability to interact on a senior level with regulatory agencies, associations, financial institutions and other stakeholders;
- Excellent written and oral communication skills in English language; knowledge of Russian or other regional languages is a plus.