“Ucom LLC” is looking for a “Copywriter”.


- Copy Creation and Editing: Produce and edit original copy that is not only accurate but also well-researched, ensuring it aligns with the company's goals and deadlines
- Ideation and Collaboration: Collaborate with members of the creative team to brainstorm visual and copy ideas that drive engagement and conversions
- Communication and Research: Interact with internal stakeholders to understand their content requirements, conduct research to develop and support ideas, and gain insights into the target audience
- Multi-Platform Expertise: Leverage your understanding of copywriting specifications on various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc
- Assist in Creative Processes: Contribute to other aspects of creative and research processes to maintain a cohesive and accurate content strategy

Required Qualifications:

- Education: Higher education in relevant fields
- Experience: Minimum of 1 year of work experience as a Copywriter or Content writer. Experience in SEO Copywriting is a plus
- Language Skills: Excellent command of Armenian, Russian, and English languages
- Digital Expertise: Familiarity with SEO principles and proficiency in various digital platforms
- Creativity and Adaptability: Demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness, flexibility, and motivation

About Ucom LLC

"Ucom" LLC is a unified communications operator in Armenia, which offers symmetrical and mobile broadband Internet and other services.