“Joomag AM LLC” is looking for a “Customer Care Intern”.


- Being highly fluent in English։ Besides just loving to speak English, you are also very good at writing in it. You will communicate and build sustainable relationships with English-speaking customers worldwide. The main channels of communication are email and live chat
- Being customer-oriented: You will act as a liaison between Joomag and its customers, providing product information in an accurate way and constantly improving based on customer feedback
- Being a problem-solver: Customers will contact you because they have a technical problem. It is your responsibility to proactively analyze the entire situation, provide relevant information, and offer the best solution
- Being able to listen to others: You will need to adapt to different types of characters and personalities. Put yourself in our customers’ shoes and advocate for them
- Being flexible: You must be agile as you’ll receive a wide range of different inquiries (technical, billing, etc.). You will need to collect all the relevant information and reply within the scope of our goals and objectives
- Being tech-savvy: The following is a list of tools that you will frequently use: Intercom, Atlassian, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, and TeamViewer. Our onboarding program will help you ease into your new role, and several mentor shadow sessions will teach you everything you need to know about your position

Required Qualifications:

- Demonstrate reliability։ Do your fair share of work hard and meet company milestones. Consistency is key!
- Be a team player: We build team synergy by fully committing to our work. You are expected to find ways to work together with different departments (specifically, the Engineering and Sales/Success teams) to solve complex problems
- Share openly and willingly: Everyone at Joomag feels comfortable talking to one another and sharing their opinions. It is essential that you remain willing to share your knowledge and unique experiences so that other team members can learn from them

About Joomag AM LLC

Joomag AM LLC is a digital publishing services company, providing an integrated solution for publishing, distributing, tracking and monetizing publications online. More information can be found at: www.joom