Performance objectives

1. The first objective is to assure ideal customer experience: This means you are genuinely excited to help customers while responding to a wide array of questions mainly via live-chat and emails. Proven experience in any kind of Customer Service matters, however, what we value more is:

  • customer orientation: you will act as a liaison providing product information to our customers in an accurate way truly understanding that customer feedback is priceless.
  • problem-solving skills: this is critical as none of the customers are contacting you to have a nice chat. They are contacting you because they have a problem and you take the responsibility to get/give information, clarify, analyze, ensure understanding, and get action.
  • talent to listen to others: you will periodically face the challenge to adapt to different types of characters and personalities, put yourself in our customers’ shoes and advocate for them,
  • close to native fluency in English։ besides just loving to talk in English, you have well-developed business writing skills. This is crucial (!) as we communicate and build sustainable relationships with English-spoken customers (other UN language, specifically Spanish, would be a privilege). Here typing skills also matter: you’re expected to correctly type 45 English words per minute after 6 months of joining.
  • flexibility: we expect you to be agile and quick, as you’ll get a wide range of different inquiries (technical, billing & sales), arrange them, collect relevant information and reply within the scope of our goals and objectives,
  • negotiation and presentation skills: As being a B2B player most of Joomag’s interactions include negotiations, therefore, you need to understand needs, discover the positive/negative sides of the situation and find cross-beneficial solutions meanwhile keeping Company’s name high and maintaining a positive relationship.
  • tech-savvy: Here’s the list of technological tools you will directly use in your work: Intercom, Atlassian, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, LogMeIn Rescue, etc. You will start your job with an onboarding program and several mentor shadow sessions aimed to show and teach you everything, however being at least enthusiastic to become savvy with technology is a must.


2. Work Like a Team, Live Like a Family

We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we’ve come to know each other as a family. We take care of our own, celebrate success, learn through failure, and respect each other regardless of our different viewpoints. So you need to:

  • demonstrate reliability: do your fair share to work hard and meet milestones. Consistency is key.
  • cooperate: we achieved total synergy in our work, thus you are expected to figure out ways to work together with different teams (specifically sales and engineering), solve problems, and get common work done.
  • share openly and willingly: beyond discussions & meetings, everyone in Joomag feels comfortable talking with one another, sharing opinions, and accepting those from others. Thus it’s important for you to be willing to share knowledge, and experience taking the initiative to keep other team members informed and engaged.


About Joomag AM LLC

Joomag AM LLC is a digital publishing services company, providing an integrated solution for publishing, distributing, tracking and monetizing publications online. More information can be found at: www.joom