Before coming to us, our customers used various types of software that stored their receipts and payment data in various ways. When they migrate their data onto our software platform, we must migrate their data accurately or it leads to a long list of problems that take hundreds of phone calls to solve. A data import specialist can take data, in various formats and configure them into the format necessary to upload into our software, ServiceTitan to help ensure that client’s long-term success.
All of our team members partake in making the team as a whole successful. This role is a critical piece of the ServiceTitan team.


- Assist customers with migrating data regarding their Accounts Receivable and communicating directly with the customer’s onboarder to make sure that the data import tasks were handled correctly.
- Become a ServiceTitan product expert and help both customers and coworkers succeed via knowledge sharing and identifying creative solutions to unique workflow needs
- Utilize Support tools such as the Salesforce Support Console to efficiently handle customer cases and track personal performance
- Be a part of a tight-knit team, working together to provide superior technical support and maintain a positive environment
- Troubleshoot and submit bugs to our developers and act as the primary driver from bug ticket creation through resolution
- Champion customer needs internally by providing feedback and escalating cases, ensuring that they receive the attention they deserve

Required Qualifications:

- Excellent Microsoft Excel skills
- Advanced or native English language possession
- Bachelors degree preferred
- Strong communicator in both written and verbal form (a writing/typing assessment will be facilitated during onsite interviews)
- A clear view on what constitutes top tier customer support and capable of executing on that view
- Ability to work smoothly within a team and understands that we succeed or fail together
- Capable of efficiently learning and using complex software
- An efficient and effective problem-solver with strong critical thinking skills and troubleshooting abilities
- Intelligent, self-motivated, quick thinking, and fast learning
- Keeps a cool head and maintains organization and attention to detail while multitasking in a challenging, fast-paced environment
- A desire to be the best person you can be