Database Administrator (DBA) will join the Company’s local and remote teams working on its core fintech applications. He/ she will join a core database/ infrastructure team that is responsible for improving and monitoring performance and integrity of the databases. He/ she will also be involved in the planning and expansion of the databases used across the Organization and be involved in the software development process with respect to performance engineering.


- Provide performance guidance and systems support for key databases, including Microsoft and NoSQL based environments;
- Support, administer, optimize and help expand the SQL Server database environments running on Windows and Azure platforms;
- Provide database design and implementation of SQL Server databases;
- Provide database deployment support for Test and Production environments;
- Diagnose and address database performance issues using performance monitors, SQL profiler, third-party and internal tools;
- Interact with Windows administrators on Windows server operating systems issues related to databases;
- Support data replication using SQL replication for reporting database environments;
- Troubleshoot database production problems and database connectivity issues;
- Document, define, maintain and enforce policies and standards for database development;
- Work with different groups across the Company to maintain a common vision in the way database design, database development and ETL processing must be done.

Required Qualifications:

- Detailed knowledge of Microsoft SQL Database management processes and platform architecture;
- Exceptional understanding of SQL performance analysis and tuning/ capacity planning/ query optimization;
- Experience with stored-procedures and complex database structures;
- Experience in a development environment is a plus; the Company's software is built by its internal teams with .Net/ C#;
- Passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail;
- Ability to work in a delivery-focused environment;
- Responsibility and commitment to deadlines;
- Self-motivation and preparedness to work without direct supervision;
- Good written and verbal communication skills;
- Ability to be a morning person to work with the Company's Australian team;
- Good English language skills;
- Experience in financial systems, particularly in stocks or securities is a plus;
- Ability to travel to Australia and the United Kingdom to work with peers where appropriate.

About Praemium RA LLC

Praemium is a wealth management solution provider with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey, Armenia, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The Company administers in excess of 300,000 investor accounts covering approximately 80 billion dollars in funds globally, and