Tumo Studios is looking for an energetic and talented Deputy Director in Charge of Product Development to join the Tumo Studios team to lead the Project’s design program and product development and oversee multiple creative projects.


- Work in close contact with the Head of Tumo Studios to develop the design ateliers program;
- Work in close contact with the Head of Tumo Studios on the Project’s brand positioning and market strategy;
- Work in close contact with permanent and visiting atelier leaders to develop ateliers results towards production;
- Provide guidance and mentoring for Tumo Studios students;
- Provide guidance and mentoring for artisans affiliated with Tumo Studios;
- Concept, create and present unique, cutting-edge design ideas;
- Supervise the creation of visual material for the Tumo Studios website and communication channels;
- Manage and supervise production;
- Research emerging design trends and traditional craftsmanship to create innovative products in line with the Project’s strategy.

Required Qualifications:

- 3-4 years of experience (design or management) in product design and development;
- Strong conceptual, problem-solving and executional skills;
- Ability to understand and identify key strategic issues, and develop creative solutions;
- Excellent verbal and communication skills;
- Ability to convey creative direction to the team and students;
- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to work well under pressure;
- Efficient, proactive and independent approach to work;
- Solid knowledge of pre-production, production and manufacturing processes.

About Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

Tumo is an after-school learning center where teenagers acquire digital media skills free of charge. Thousands of students attend Tumo on a regular basis and participate in its innovative, self-paced program. Its educational framework is based on a proprietary platform that promotes learning through interactive game-like levels, exposing users to increasingly challenging activities. Tumo's educational methodology is based on a large set of self-instructional activities that each of the Center's students assembles into a personal learning plan in the areas of animation, game development, web development and filmmaking. To learn more about the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, please visit: www.tumo.org