Eurasia Partnership Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and proactive individual to join its vibrant, innovative team to lead EPF’s work in coordinating fundraising activities. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, he/ she will work collaboratively with senior leadership, support programs team to develop and implement EPF’s resource acquisition strategy.


- Responsible for subscription and collection/ reception of all the forthcoming grant announcements, sending them to relevant people, management of the announcements' and donors' database, finding new grant announcement sources;
- Develop and maintain the fundraising roster;
- Initiate and coordinate fundraising meetings with relevant staff;
- Finalize the proposal development plan, distribute duties; build a timeline for the proposal development and successfully keep to it;
- Coordinate the proposal writing process; successfully insist with involved personnel on keeping the deadlines; share information with the entire team engaged in the proposal preparation; store all the information appropriately; participate in submitting the proposal in time;
- Responsible for negotiations with potential partners to be involved in a project, keeping and developing the potential partners' database, including European, EaP, Central Asian, American organizations, experts, specialists, contact people. Work on the development of this database also in-between of concrete funding opportunities;
- Contact with the donors for Q&A and on other occasions;
- Keep all the proposals written and submitted, general descriptions of the Organization, etc. Update such documents based on changed circumstances/ EPF evolution as needed, not only for a particular funding proposal. Provide access and explanations to the staff where does such information lie, what can be useful on another occasion and why;
- Capacity to participate with the team in the development of a logframe; some parts of the proposal; budget; and budget notes;
- Capacity to order, collect, if needed, draft based on blueprints, and prepare all the legal documents in time, store them appropriately, maintain their database, distinguish the latest docs from the earlier ones;
- Capacity to maintain the timelines of each project applied and/ or funded, so that the needs to report are second-checked with the program staff in time, if needed; cost- and no-cost extension requests, large-scale change requests or next applications to the same donor are started to be prepared in time;
- Capacity to grow into a good proposal- and budget-developer with the team;
- Responsible for preparation of the fundraising report for the Board in conjunction with other needed documents (that are being prepared by others) and with a linked methodology; present the fundraising picture to the Board, if asked.

Required Qualifications:

- 3 years of professional experience, preferably for civil society sector, or another relevant experience;
- Master's degree in one of the Humanities and/ or Social Science fields. Education and other experience abroad is a plus;
- Knolwedge of donors, their policies; capacity to analyze fast, understand, distinguish, and present donor requirements;
- Proven record of successful coordination of various teams' works;
- High level written and verbal proficiency in Armenian and English languages; knowledge of Russian language is an advantage;
- High literacy, i.e. capacity to develop quality written texts in English and Armenian languages. Proven record of producing and editing texts;
- Experience in budgeting, managing databases.