Shirak Technologies is looking for a talented hands-on DevOps Security professional to help architect and manage the secure operation of the company’s cloud based technical infrastructure. This role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Plan, research, design and implement system security architectures
  • Develop security solutions using automation and CI/CD environment, amend security scans, system and component checks into the existing pipelines
  • Contribute to automation of code delivery pipeline with the goal of one click deployments, rollbacks, and parameterized builds.
  • Recognize areas for security improvements within on-premise and cloud platforms around building and deployment automations, access control, automated compliance, alerting and forensics
  • Research security trends and emerging technologies, identify our business and technical requirements, perform technical evaluation and support deployment of multi-regional security solutions.
  • Perform system and application monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Manage and refresh network security policies, standards, and procedures
  • Perform research of using free tools for vulnerability scanning and penetration tests to integrate into the automation flow
  • Develop scripts for tool integrations and continuous delivery, maintain the structure, make the scrips configurable through parametrization
  • Defend
  • Analyze and establish security requirements, conduct security audits, defend the system against unauthorized access, prepare policy and application development recommendations, and provide technical security advice to developers’ team for application enhancement
  • Maintain on premise and cloud infrastructure including LANs, WANs, VPNs, routers, firewalls and related network devices
  • Identify threats, respond quickly and effectively, act as primary control point during security incidents and provide post-event analyses
  • Monitor both corporate infrastructure as well as the developed scalable architecture for safety and robustness
  • Establish disaster recovery procedures and conduct security breach drills
  • Work with auditors as appropriate to keep audit focus in scope, provide a consistent perspective that continually puts the company and its clients in its best light. Provide guidance, evaluation and advocacy on audit responses.
  • Write accurate technical documentation and take a lead role communicating with staff, as well as internal or external development teams while providing security services.
  • Have the ability to convert complex requirements into efficient designs, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with talented engineers.

Required Qualifications:

  • BS/ MS or higher degree in Computer Science or a related fields;
  • At least 2 years of experience in Network Security and 3 years of experience in Software development
  • 5+ years Linux systems administration skills including shell scripting, database programming, network administration and managing server infrastructures
  • Well versed in internet and cloud architectures, including web, application, SQL/non-SQL database components, memcache, Nginx, Kubernetes, cluster synchronization, etc.
  • Proficiency scripting in one or more programming Languages: Ansible, Python, Perl, Shell Scripting, Bash
  • Experience with CI/CD processes, Git, Nexus repository, Cloudflare, Virtual Server structures, Containers, with an experience implementing security mechanisms and controls in a cloud environment.
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP network protocols and experienced with UTM devices, firewalls, routers and switches, including NAT, packet analysis, syslog and vulnerability scanning tools
  • Familiarity with security forensics and analysis of security threats and events and able to analyze results and assist with remediation.