•   Plan, develop and implement marketing strategies for our various campaigns;
  •   Draft and create emails, blogs, landing pages, and other digital content for our campaigns;
  •   Understand and utilize Google Analytics and Google AdWords to leverage data in marketing decision-making with a focus on growth;
  •   Work with multiple companies, teams, and stakeholders to plan, implement, and analyze marketing campaigns;
  •   Coordinate and communicate with other departments and team members, including Web Development, Graphic Design, Marketing;
  •   Be familiar with and adhere to the best web standards and practices.

Required Qualifications:

•    Excellent writing skills (English);
•    Flexibility of thought;
•    High level of autonomy and self-motivation;
•    Knowledge of and interest in SEO, SEM, content strategy, PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing;
•    Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time;
•    Strong critical thinking/problem-solving skills;
•    Ability to conduct prompt web research to learn and understand new digital technologies;
•    Excellent work both in a team environment, as well as a sole contributor.

This position entails work organized from our company office.