The main objective of this task is to the establishment of the Municipal Energy Management System (MEMS) in Yerevan, as a part of domestic Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) System. The following system shall be connected with the other systems, particularly to the register, being created in accordance with sub-point 1 of the clause 13 in the Annex of the Decree of the Government N426-N, dated 12 April 2018, as well as to the urban development cadaster, to be created as per Article 20 of the Law “On Urban Development” of the Republic of Armenia.


Under the overall guidance of the Climate Change Program Coordinator and direct supervision UNDP-GCF Project Manager and control of the Municipal Energy Management Coordination Committee (MEMCC), headed by the Deputy Mayor, the expert will support the project and the community in execution of the energy efficient refurbishment of public buildings in Yerevan community with ultimate objective of establishing proper, transparent and effective system for outlining energy demand and consumption management in Yerevan community, performing the following activities:
- Provide support to the key beneficiary of the Project
Yerevan community in accurate selection of target buildings for conducting improvements in buildings' thermal characteristics (building envelope components, equipment and HVAC systems, etc.) and in collection of the information related to baseline energy consumption figures and values;
- Coordinate work of Yerevan community energy management department (working group), and present final developed materials to the community administration representatives;
- Keep inventory of community-owned public buildings, compile database of their thermal technical indicators, classify buildings according to the pre-designed criteria and standards, developed and approved by MEMCC;
- Coordinate, justify and support the execution of energy audits, coordinate actions towards identification of sources and collection of thermal, technical and energy efficiency indicators of buildings, including baseline energy consumption, specific energy consumption, comfort level, occupancy patterns, etc.;
- Develop methodology for prioritizing/ shortlisting buildings, subject to energy efficient retrofitting, and agree with UNDP and MEMCC;
- Upon completion of renovation and retrofits of municipal-owned public buildings, consolidate main findings and organize implementation of energy monitoring schemes, by applying EMIS;
- Participate in presenting the project outcomes. Ensure participation of staff members of MEMS bodies in capacity building trainings on MRV, MEMS and EMIS;
- Based on expected savings, support the Yerevan Community for the creation and operation of Revolving Fund;
- Work on attraction of extra budgetary financing for the energy efficiency activities in Yerevan Community, in cooperation with other related stakeholders.
Note: for each single specific call-offs, the respective detailed ToR with specified outputs and applicable number of working days will follow in line with the main scope of works of this assignment.

Required Qualifications:

- Good knowledge of legislation, particularly regarding energy efficiency policies, building retrofitting, certification and auditing;
- Experience in development and management of energy related projects;
- Working experience with local energy organizations and public building administrators;
- Demonstrated problem-solving ability with a proactive and collaborative style that works well in teams;
- Proven ability to work under time pressure and handle multiple activities and tasks concurrently;
- Display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
- Ability to work independently and collaborate with multiple stakeholders;
- Ability to systemize, analyze and present the data;
- Demonstrated attention to detail and organizational skills;
- Ability to simultaneously work on and manage multiple tasks with tight deadlines;
- Good communication, analytical and writing skills;
- Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel).

Skills and Experience:
- Master's degree in Energy, Engineering, Building Studies, Economics, Business and Management or other field relevant to the project/ task.

- At least 7 years of relevant professional experience;
- At least 3 years of experience in municipal utilities administration and management;
- Experience with monitoring of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects;
- Experience with greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting requirements under UNFCCC is an asset.

- Excellent knowledge of Armenian language; good knowledge of English and Russian languages (written and oral).