“Academy Of Creative Explorers LLC” is looking for a “English Teacher”.


-⁠ ⁠Teach basic English skills including reading, writing, and speaking -⁠ ⁠Compose lesson plans in order to successfully incorporate the full duration of each lesson -⁠ ⁠Execute lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content -⁠ ⁠Engage students to ensure a lively classroom atmosphere -⁠ ⁠Instruct students about the structure and content of the English language -⁠ ⁠Teach students the spelling of words, and their meanings -⁠ ⁠Emphasize the rules of composition, grammar, and sentence construction -⁠ ⁠Teach students the correct pronunciation of words

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in English and education (preferable) -⁠ ⁠Minimum of 2 years experience in a teaching role -⁠ ⁠The ability to compile lesson plans efficiently -⁠ ⁠English fluently and TEFL certification (preferable) -⁠ ⁠The ability to execute lessons with meaning, in fun, and engaging manner