• Ensuring strict adherence by Project staff and contractors to environmental and social issues and procedures in accordance with the POM;
  • Ensuring existence of a  chapter on environmental and social management of sub-grant financed activities  in the Sub-grant Management Operational Manual ;
  • Undertaking environmental and social screening of sub-grant activities to exclude any of those ineligible for funding from Project and development of relevant screening reports;
  • Preparing training materials related to good environmental and social practice (e.g. hygiene-oriented instructions for hostel/B&B/guesthouse facilities, beauty parlors, food processing and food delivery; waste management for apartment renovation works, etc.), conducting relevant training of trainers (ToTs), and preparing a feedback report;
  • Ensuring a standardized clause of good environmental and social practice requirements is included in the sub-grant contracts;
  • Making site visits as a part of an environmental and social assessment or/and consultation process and assess baseline condition of sites as a part of sub-projects due diligence;
  • Monitoring of sub-grant activities with the Project team on a periodic basis to ensure that good environmental and social practice is followed by the grantees during the sub-Project preparation and implementation, as well as ensuring these activities are not generating any new and significant social or environmental risks;
  • Overseeing the functioning of Project Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM), including training of all Project staff on GRM principles and procedures;
  • Ensuring that the GRM is well-functioning and undertaking all the required steps described in the POM;
  • Ensuring the participation of women and youth in the Project activities, including trainings and seminars;
  • Making appropriate entries in Project MIS and relevant databases, including updating the relevant information on social issues for women, youth, and vulnerable groups, as well as complaints and grievances in the MIS;
  • Developing an environmental and social monitoring report (before every implementation support mission of the WB), including the monitoring results of field visits and photos;
  • Assist the Project Manager and Component Coordinators to  ensure that all relevant Project activities comply with Government and World Bank social safeguards guidelines and instruments;
  • Participating in regular implementation support missions undertaken by the WB;
  • Performing administrative duties related to the Project;
  • Carrying out other duties as per need of the Project as requested by PM.

The Consultant’s Service will be provided within 34 months since October 2020. The Contract will envisage in average 25 working hours monthly (the payment will be done according to deliverable or time-sheet for some tasks).

Required Qualifications:

  • Higher education (preferably in Social Sciences, Environmental Science, Development Management or related field of study);
  • At least 5 years of working experience related to safeguards and with knowledge on a) environmental and social impact assessment, b) environmental and social management plan for rural areas, c) social work and social protection in Armenia, etc.
  • Experience in projects funded by international organizations (preferable World Bank, EU, USAID, UN agencies)
  • Proven knowledge of environmental and social regulations, policies, and procedures;
  • Very good interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to engage and work with local communities;
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian, working-level knowledge of English (verbal/writing);
  • Good computer and ICT skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Databases, Communication tools, etc.).