English specialists are highly encouraged to apply for the position of ESL Instructor.
Those with excellent English knowledge and eagerness to educate are the right fit for us.
To share the knowledge that you have with the people who need it!
So you will be the key to the hundreds of people that seek knowledge.
We with you in our team will make that happen. Let’s move on to the job details.
The courses we offer:
– General English with a focus on Speaking
– Corporate English (Legal, Financial)
– English for Exams (TOEFL/IELTS/State Admission Exams)
– If any of the aforementioned applies to you, do not hesitate to contact us
– Flexible Working Hours
– Teacher Development Workshops (up to date methods)
– Building a better future for hundreds


- Teach English (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
- Provide a lesson plan for each target group of learners
- Strive for the best in Education
- Assist and instruct learners

Required Qualifications:

- Qualified and/or Certified linguist (new graduates are encouraged to apply)
- At least C1 level knowledge in English
- Diligent with high enthusiasm
- Talkative and friendly