The Expertise Engineer will be involved in the preparation and implementation of sub-projects funded by the LEID project under ATDF’s oversight. The Expertise Engineer of the “Local Economy and Infrastructure Development” project is accountable to the Head of the Project Implementation Division, the Head of the Appraisal and Analysis Group ATDF.


- Visit the subproject sites for relevant research and professional assessments;
- Perform site visits during subproject implementation (if required);
- Responsible for assessment of social, technical and economic areas of subprojects based on ATDF's criteria, per the subprojects' documentation and cycle/ nature of ongoing works;
- Ensure the availability of documents necessary for the expertise and implementation of the sub-project and study of the relevant documents;
- Analyse and evaluate design packages;
- Cooperate with local authorities and other stakeholders;
- Prepare expertise reports;
- Evaluate proposals for changes in the design and scope of work during construction.

Required Qualifications:

- Degree in Civil/ Structural Engineering, Architecture or another relevant field;
- At least 5 years of professional experience in design and/ or construction supervision field;
- Good command of Armenian language for both written and verbal communication; knowledge of English language would be considered an asset;
- Computer skills (MS Office, AutoCAD).