The Expertise Engineer (Engineer of Appraisal and Analysis unit) shall be involved in the preparation and implementation of sub-projects funded by the LEID project.


- Visit the subproject sites for relevant research and professional assessments;
- Take site visits during subproject implementation (if required);
- Assess social, technical and economic areas of subprojects based on ATDF's criteria, per the subprojects' documentation and cycle/ nature of ongoing works;
- Ensure the availability of documents necessary for the appraisal and implementation of the sub-project and study of the relevant documents;
- Analyse and evaluate design packages;
- Review and evaluate the construction reports and technical supporting documentation of the Project;
- Cooperation with local authorities and other stakeholders;
- Prepare appraisal reports;
- Evaluate proposals for changes in the design and scope of work during implementation of civil works.

Required Qualifications:

- Degree in Civil/ Structural Engineering, Architecture or other relevant field;
- At least 5 years professional experience in design and/ or construction supervision field;
- Good command of Armenian language for both written and verbal communication; knowledge of English language would be considered an asset;
- Computer skills (MS Office, AutoCAD);