JI PEPSI-COLA BOTTLER LLC is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and highly-motivated professional to join our Finance team as a Field Finance Partner of Sales. He/she will be responsible for ensuring control, accuracy, predictability and timely delivery of financial operations, reporting, cashflow, proper dispatch processes. Field Finance Partner of Sales is also responsible for anticipating changes, seeking better practices and contributing to the company as a whole to be successful in its short-term/long-term aims.


  1. Develop and implement the basic principles of credit policy and the necessary additions to it in order to effectively manage accounts receivable
  2. Manage credit control processes in order to ensure maximum sales and efficient turnover of receivables: customer support in the process of sales and delivery of products, establishment of proper credit conditions, daily credit control.
  3. Organise and control the process of reconciliation of receivables, organize work in terms of conducting centralized reconciliations with key customers, ensure that the reconciliation level required by the policy is achieved.
  4. Organize and maintain effective and efficient interaction with the sales and legal department in order to improve the processes of timely repayment of receivables.
  5. Provide financial support for the sales department in order to ensure prompt and effective management of business processes related to pricing
  6. Organize and control data standardization processes in all systems, support the implementation of common rules for calculating discounts and promotional programs.
  7. Analysis of accounts receivable, organization of regular collection of information on the status of debt from financial and sales departments.
  8. Development and control over a system for providing up-to-date information on debt and pricing conditions for the company's management, sales department and finance department for the purpose of efficient and effective debt management, credit control and pricing processes.
  9. Actively participate in initiatives and projects aimed at improving the corporate database and information system.
  10. Organize and maintain effective and efficient interaction with all departments of the Company.
  11. Create and maintain effective and efficient relationships with other departments of the Company.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Finance or Economics,
  • At least 3 years of experience in finance,
  • Sales experience and/or market knowledge will be an asset. 
  • Good knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages. 
  • Good knowledge of Ms Office (Word, Excel) and AS-Enterprise.
  • Excelent communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • Task prioritizing skills.

About Jermuk International Pepsi-Cola Bottler LLC

Jermuk International Pepsi-Cola Bottler LLC is holding a franchise agreement with PepsiCo International for organizing production of soft beverages in Armenia.