We are looking for a highly skilled Mid/Senior FrontEnd Developer specializing in React.js to join our team.


- Develop front-end functionality for our web applications.
- Contribute to continuously improving team productivity, code quality, tool, and technology adoption.
- Identify and resolve problems uncovered by testing, automated, and user feedback.
- Refactor or improve existing code.
- Review teammates’ pull requests.
- Help put tools, processes, and documentation in place to improve our developer experience.

Required Qualifications:

- 2+ years experience building JavaScript applications
- 2+ years of professional experience with React
- Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools
- A good understanding of CSS, modular patterns, and responsive web
- A deep understanding of and experience in using APIs and REST
- Experience with state management tools (Redux, MobX)
- Experience with bundlers (Webpack, Rollup, etc.)
- Familiarity with Canvas, WebGL, WebAssembly is a plus
- Self-sufficiency in managing work to meet goals and deadlines