What should you bring to the table?

  • Ability to architect and implement functionality based on business logic requirements
  • Develop and manage fast, scalable and yet secure applications for our international customers
  • Cover code with tests 
  • Lead the team of developers to ensure the whole development process is organized and done properly 
  • You will carry out staff appraisals, skillset reviews and general tech personnel management. 
  • You will deal with (international) project owners and stakeholders for establishing new business relations with them if necessary 

Required Qualifications:

Tech knowledge and more

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

  • 4+ years of experience with JS (ES6), React/Redux 

  • Proficient in CSS preprocessors such as SASS, Stylus, Less,  etc.

  • Knowledge of Webpack and/or gulp.js

  • Knowledge of design patterns

  • Knowledge of SSR/CSR is desired

  • Experience with Typescript and  Node.js will be a huge PLUS

  • Design and implementation of CI/CD will be a PLUS

  • Some experience with one or several mobile frameworks will be seen as a huge advantage

  • Knowledge of REST or other API approaches will be an advantage

  • Troubleshooting and strategic thinking, demonstrated by an ability to maintain a broad overview of both technical and business challenges in order to achieve long term goals whilst realising short term objectives

  • Organisational and strong interpersonal skills demonstrating the ability to establish plans of action to effectively ensure the achievement of results

  • Strong knowledge of Russian and English (both oral and written) is essential for communicating with international clients both technically and non-technically